The Means of Design
Gesamtkunstwerk is a public history and design application project done during my final year of college presenting the theme of Socialism in art and design from the mid-late 19th century up through the end of the Bauhaus in 1933. It coincides with a curriculum redesign I developed of the Design History class at EWU, which I was fortunate enough to see put into place and act as teacher's aide during its implementation the following quarter.
All research, writing, design and production was done by Joe Snodgrass and was presented in three oversized long posters.
If you're taking your time to read this poster above, I may note a typo. John Ruskin was a 19th century art critic and commentator on architecture, as opposed to the stated 18th century and an actual architect himself. It was student work done in a short period of time. Nobody is perfect.

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