The Maker's Mark
"Made in the Inland Northwest" and "Made in Spokane" was design to address a common concern for a lack of attribution of manufacture or hand made goods specific to the geographical designation of the Inland Northwest within the Cascadian Bioregion.  This was an identity for makers in the city of Spokane and the greater Inland Northwest to use in branding their goods accordingly. It received support from Treatment (a creative agency in Spokane) and members of a group attempting to make the concept of Made in Spokane a reality. While this project is still a possibility, it has been shelved for the time being.

Primary, full color mark depicts the native "Children of the Sun" combined with the modern peoples mark of Spokane as represented in the Monroe Street Bridge.

PLEASE NOTE: These names/people aren't already doing it as the page says.
That's just me rattling off hot names from the community.

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