Discovering research for students
Inquirious is an app concept meant to spark inquiry in students from the early grades forward. The idea is to lead them through the research process, inculcating and cultivating a natural understanding for how the research process works while also inhibiting the ability to do so creatively, encouraging them to form their own ideas and concepts. The ultimate hope isn't only that the student will learn better, but that they are allowed the necessary incentive to continue to learn while exploring and getting to understand their own abilities and interests and then capitalizing on those.
Geodesic Works (then Grasswerks), was hired to develop the identity for Inquirious and provide art direction during the development stage towards a minimum viable product. The UI elements were intended to evolve over the period of a students time in school. The palette and aesthetic was intended to have calm, soft feeling and to be bright with the intent of providing a warm, familiar space that the student would want to come back to. The elements are made of a number of soft shapes that are accented by thin geometry and outlines.
Along with the development of the UI and art direction, we also were fortunate enough to aide the Inquirious founder in developing some of the early concepts of how the process might work for the student and how that would translate to the UX. This project is still in development.

The identity is intended to represent the organic process of merging of ideas/synthesizing of complex ideas/creating new concepts.

The color palette feature from the identity guidelines. The color palette for the identity is intended to build a warm experience. The names were taken from early memories of the class room.

Typography from the identity guidelines.

Typography from the identity guidelines.

Early UI concept for dashboard features a layout we were playing around with. Something between following a loose grid and the center space allowing flow of process between the 'idea cloud', the 'research flash light' and the 'drafting board'. The 'drafting board' is a separate workspace that allows your to layout to be active in a creative space. The student could store ideas in a bin (on the right side menu), combine ideas (simple shapes into 3D forms), take notes and combine the notes with concepts and ideas and researched facts.

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